Arbor Day Tree Seedlings Needs a Home
Common Persimmon
Diospyros virginiana
Fruit - delicious edible
berry when fully ripe
500 Persimmon Tree Saplings Need a Home
Every year, the Rotary Club of Wellesley purchases and bags 500 tree saplings for distribution to Wellesley fourth graders.  Susy Jordon, Wellesley Town Horticultural technician, usually hands out the bagged saplings for to Wellesley fourth graders for planting. She also teaches a lesson on Arbor Day conservation while handing out the trees.
Then came COVID-19 after we had ordered and the seedlings had shipped.
We have 500 tree saplings and no way to bag and distribute them as we normally do.
We are announcing the great persimmon tree give-away. We are going to place the saplings in a bucket of water and leave them in four locations around town. Feel free to take one for planting.
The four locations are:
  1. By the gate to enter Morse’s Pond, under the trail sign.
  2. By the parking lot at Longfellow Pond
  3. By the Sign for the Kelly Memorial conservation area on Elmwood Road
  4. On Fuller Brook Trail, near the bridge behind the Hunnewell School
  5. By the parking lot in Centennial Park.
The DPW and the Rotary Club have placed the seedlings in the buckets wearing gloves and masks. Please pick the seedlings carefully and do not rummage through the bucket.
Please join us in helping to plant Persimmon seedlings around town.
Additional Information is Available in a Download File about the Persimmon Tree from Purdue University.
Planting Information is Also Available in another Download File titled 2020 Arbor Day.