You help Rotary deliver programs when you buy a ticket to its stage events or with outright donations. Programs in Wellesley range from planting trees and facilitating reading to preventing depression, the best way to prevent suicide. 
The photograph shows Rotary sponsored Interact teens teaching better coping and problem solving skills in Wellesley as part of its Peer Leadership and Depression Prevention project.  Interact teens have been invited by the Brookline community to launch the project there! The poster for that event may be viewed below.
Rotary is unique in its ability to prevent depression due to a cultural understanding it had to develop in order to successfully in prevent polio on several continents. Rotary had to become engaged with families before help made it to the children. You may read the story titled From polio abroad to teen depression at home by following this link:
The research results confirming how to prevent depression is new in the past decade. First the methods had to be defined and then the study population monitored through age 18 to compare rates of depression with the general (control)  population. Some day all schools will update its health courses to reflect the science.  Rotary is delivering it now through its peer leadership clubs, Interact for ages 12-18 and Rotaract for college ages. The training and content is provided by Boston Children's Hospital and William James College. You may Read the research on depression prevention by following this link:
Help Rotary by joining the club, encouraging your son or daughter to join Interact, and by donating to this great cause!