Rose Pavlov of Ivy Child International spoke at the Tuesday April 14th meeting.
Our guest speaker was Rose Pavlov (right with President Mitch Freeman—photo courtesy of Tom DeRiemer) Rose is President & CEO of Ivy Child International— Helping Each Child Achieve their Best A member of the Worcester Rotary Club, Rose gave us a “snapshot” of the organization she founded as one that cross-cultures preschoolers by helping them use the “transforming power of mindfullness” through the three “A’s”: Awake, Aware and Alert. Working with inner city kids the program teaches how to control emotions and promote the well-being of children in many ways (art, personal narrative, song, dance, gardening, etc. and how to develop gratitude, altruism and forgiveness.) There is an element of research, monitoring and evaluation to their goals. A “Yogathon” is planned for June as a community outreach in Worcester. Check out Rose was well-spoken, charming and an excellent ambassador for the organization.
For additional information, check out their website.