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Wellesley College Club
727 Washington Street
Wellesley, MA  02481
United States of America

All are welcome for the light buffet and easy conversation beginning at 6:15 PM.  The 7-8pm meeting will address recent service project outcomes and upcoming volunteer opportunities.


The people who plan to be their best as they navigate change are going to be the most successful.


Rick Cram equips leaders and their teams with proven strategies to successfully lead themselves and others through change.

Based on over 30 years of consulting for hundreds of companies and speaking at 1,000 events, he found that the people who plan to be their best when navigating change are going to be the most successful.

Combining his expertise in strategy and motivating events, Rick developed PLAN TO BE YOUR BEST ...As You Navigate Change, a methodology of eight leadership strategies which is delivered through interactive workshops. He makes conquering the draining and negative effects of change and uncertainty an engaging exercise in leadership development, sound planning, team building and done so with his own unique brand of “edutainment".


Here's what clients say:


“Great, great program. Rick has given us some great strategies. They’re wonderful. Apply them to the groups you’re working with. Take what you learned today and tell someone about it.”

- Vidra Harris, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development, Eastern Bank


"Previous facilitators were not nearly as effective as you – most notably for the way you galvanized us – and your methodology was much more precise."

- Joseph Avena, Senior Director, Information Systems, IPRO