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I’m Prajakta Jagtap from India. I’ve always dreamed of finding a way to help businesses succeed by creating connections across borders. My education and journey working with small companies led me to realize that I needed to come to the United States to launch my start-up idea through the MBA program at Babson College. Due to the pandemic, some of my scholarship money fell through and I need to raise the funds directly.
Babson College awarded me two prestigious scholarships- the President’s MBA Scholarship and the Women’s MBA Leadership Award scholarships. My Rotary International Scholarship for covering the balance cost of attendance of $1,07,000 has been in process since January 2021, with no success yet. As an entrepreneur, I already know that facing setbacks with grace and determination is a key part of overcoming obstacles. I am asking you for your specific help to fund my studies at Babson. No scholarship or gift is too small.