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Self Development - Fellowship Through Service

If you're not familiar with Rotaract, we are a partner club of Rotary International, worldwide community service and business networking organization where professionals can get together to do good in their communities. Rotaract is specifically meant for young professionals between the ages of 18-30 who are looking for a community of like-minded people with similar values of service.

Club Information
Meetings are held every Fridays from 1:00pm - 2:00pm. 
Massbay Community College
50 Oakland St, Wellesley Ma 02481
To Join Please send us an email at and/or email Keith at
Page Stories
Garden in a Box is a project created by MassBay’s Rotaract club employed to reduce food insecurity at our campus and, eventually, Wellesley and its general district. Our box contains all the essential items for one to start his or her own garden, and to facilitate success, we are creating step-by-step tutorials and an active grower’s community. The community will serve two purposes: to provide support and encouragement for local gardeners and to encourage onlookers to take an interest.

With that said, our project contains an integral component that similar programs lack encouraging people’s awareness of proper nutritional and organic gardening practices. What we consume powers the very foundation of a human: physical and mental processes. The cliché rings true: garbage in indeed equals garbage out.
Proper nutrition provides vitality, and without vitality, we are not living to our full potential. Beyond this aim, we hope to inspire, encourage, and motivate. We hope to be a driving force of a movement, a long-term American cultural shift where consumers demand the best possible product for their family’s health.

Garden in a Box starts with MassBay but does not stop there – it will grow with vigor onto surrounding populations, providing an opportunity for personal and community growth.
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