Food Insecurity 

Village Table


The “Village Table” at Wellesley Village Church, under the direction of Gary Arthur, with 17 years’ experience managing food services at large industrial kitchens, prepares and packages hundreds of healthy and delicious meals that will be distributed to food insecure recipients in locations from Wellesley to the Greater Boston area.

Food insecurity is right at the top of the list of problems for so many. But we can do something about it.”Over 1,000 meals per month are going out the door. Included in that number are ongoing donations to the Community Fridges program in Jamaica Plain, Dorchester, and Roslindale; Family Promise Metrowest; Food for Free in Cambridge; A Place to Turn in Natick; and food pantries both here in Wellesley and beyond.

Meals are nutritious and delicious, prepped and packaged with love by volunteers committed to the goal of helping others. Teriyaki chicken skewers on udon noodle salad is one example of the kind of restaurant-quality meals Village Table provides. Roasted lemon chicken, with simmered farro and vegetables is another. Meals are put together in two separate 3-hour cooking sessions, then packaged for delivery in a third session. Distribution is handled by a combination of Wellesley volunteers  and those from the Greater Boston community who load up their vehicles and shepherd the meals out to where they’re needed. 

How to volunteer

There’s no question that as Village Table increases its reach, more volunteers will be needed for help with shopping, food sourcing, gardening, cooking, cleaning, distribution, marketing, grant-writing, and more. 


The MassBay CC project feeds students facing food insecurity

The Wellesley Rotary Club has partnered with Mass Bay and The Village Table to address the issue in an

effort to provide both short-term assistance and long-term solutions. Food insecurity also exists among

our residents living in public housing. We want them and their families to know that there are resources to

help them through these difficult times. Your Rotary Club of Wellesley members have not withdrawn

during this pandemic. We continue to seek creative ways to raise money with or without gathering and we

continue to support our community.

Win or lose, every entry bought is a win for Wellesley.


Veterans at the New England Center for Veterans


Sponsored Meals

Every year the Wellesley Rotary club sponsors a meal through this program.


Many businesses, civic groups and organizations participate in the sponsored meal program and provide a special menu with a theme. The Veterans living at our 17 Court Street center enjoy the variety and great food selections offered when a meal is sponsored. It’s also a great way for families to become involved providing service to the Center and is one of our most beneficial programs. Learn more about NECHV’s Sponsored Meal Program. >>

Meal Service

Each year over 1,400 volunteers assist Veterans at NECHV by serving meals at the Center. Meal service is an ideal volunteer outing for companies or clubs. Volunteer teams of up to 5-7 individuals serve meals behind the line. This is a great way to support our kitchen staff and get to directly interact with Veteran residents. Many groups have regularly scheduled meal service dates each month.

Below are the times for each meal:

  • Lunch: 11:30am – 12:45pm

  • Dinner: 4:30pm – 5:45pm

  • Breakfast: 7:30am – 9:30am

  • Dinner: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Please note that our meal service calendar books up far in-advance, so please plan ahead!

Opioid Safety

The destructive path of the opioid crisis has been extensively documented in the news media, with a seemingly endless stream of statistics and stories describing its effects on individuals and communities. It’s easy to feel disheartened, powerless, or even overwhelmed when faced with the magnitude of the problem. But there are ways to get involved, to raise awareness and make a difference.


Funds raised by the event will go directly to education and awareness of opioid abuse. The Rotary Club will conduct a series of Addiction Prevention Seminars, the first of which will take place on May 22, designed to strengthen community understanding of addiction and methods of prevention. The seminars will bring together prevention experts, parents, and other community stakeholders to make it possible to quickly educate attendees on critical but often misunderstood forces that drive addiction. An additional goal of these gatherings is to establish relationships, partnerships and collaborations to tackle the ongoing local need for education, and substance abuse prevention. The Rotary Club has a strong tradition of advancing understanding and opportunity in the Wellesley community.


MassBay Scholarship Program

The next few months are critical for many MassBay students

The decision to enroll in the spring semester will be a challenge for many MassBay students and, for some it is already made, they are not eligible because they have an unpaid account balance. To make matters worse, they must be enrolled to access many of the programs offered by the College – tuition scholarships, meal assistance and emergency grants.

When students stop attending, a high percentage will not return

The MassBay Foundation works to remove barriers to education and provided

$30,000 for the MassBay Balance Scholarship Program this fall. The issue has become even more pressing as additional students are carrying balances in an uncertain financial landscape – living expenses take precedence over education.

Education is a great equalizer


MassBay Balance Scholarships were impactful this fall, keeping students in the classroom. The College observed that the program provided immediate, much-needed support to students who are motivated to progress with their educational pursuits.

Perhaps best said by our MassBay Balance Scholarship recipients: 

This scholarship came in handy at a time when I was wondering if I should drop out due to lack of funds. 

I was passing through some rough times and had not been able to finish paying the remaining balance of my previous semester and being awarded

with this scholarship literally saved my life, it helped me to be able to continue with my education at MassBay.

I could not be more grateful to MassBay and whoever is in charge of awarding these scholarships, and I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart,

this alleviates so much stress that I carry daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

In partnership with the Rotary Club of Wellesley, the MassBay Foundation is seeking funds for the spring 2021 semester. We have a unique opportunity, generous anonymous donors are offering a $5,000 match.

To support the program mail a check to:

The Wellesley Rotary Foundation, PO Box 812001, Wellesley, MA 02481.

Or To donate online, use this link
Arbor Day Tree Bagging for Wellesley Fourth Graders
Every year, the Rotary Club of Wellesley purchases and bags 500 tree saplings for distribution to Wellesley fourth graders.  Susy Jordon, Wellesley Town Horticultural technician,  hands out the bagged saplings to Wellesley fourth graders for planting. She also teaches a lesson on Arbor Day conservation while handing out the trees. 
Check out the video from 2022 with instructions on planting tree seedlings.
Sign up for this year's (2023) event on April 18th.